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On occasion,,I have noticed a little "mummy" looking pieces being taken out of the hive. I checked one out and it appeared to be dried larvae. Rather brittle.
About two weeks ago, I put a deep on a hive that came from a laying worker colony. I had frozen it to make sure wax moths hadn't gotten in. Couple of days ago, all these little "mummies" were being brought out of the hive. I figured they were the dried up drone larvae being removed. A post addressed a mummy looking thing and called it chaulk brood. Research the net stated CB was a moist chip. These are quite dry. Bush's site shows pics of Stonebrood which these mummies look like. When a larvae dies, would the fungus that causes stone brood infect it? My gut is these are the dried up drone larvae the bees are cleaning out to get ready to use the new space and all is well.
Comments appreciated:D

Rick SoMd
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