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Stinking Hives!

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I was working around my hives today and noticed a bad smell. I guess it is the Bradford Pears they have been working lately. The trees smell the same way.

Is the honey any good out of a Bradford Pear flow?
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I cannot answer that because to my knowledge I have never encountered any. However a lot of people say that goldenrod honey stinks, but I think it sure taste good. try some and let us know.
I don't think you will get any extractable honey from Bradford pears. Here in SC they are more of a pollen source.
i don't see the gals working them in my part. On a side note I dislike those darn pear trees, smell like death and the berries become a huge mess when starlings move in on them to feed. Very fragile trees too, often become storm damaged easily. They are invasive and starting to see little saplings all over the place here in cleared areas, along highways etc.
I never really liked them either, but there is a row of them lining the road of the subdivision. And the bees are working them hard as they are the only main thing in bloom. Redbuds and dandelions are just coming out as well as other trees.

I am going to crack the hives open today for an inspection, probably have to wear a gas mask.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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