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Sting near eye

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I was putting my gear to bed and one of the girls was still near and nailed me just out board of the eye brow. The swelling is pretty impressive. Other than benydryl and a ice pack, is there anything else I can do?

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I have seen posts of using an onion cut in half. Probably not a good idea to get any juice in your eye.
wow! diddo ,,,1st year beek since june 1st got my first sting from my hive today ,on my eyelid .Was my own fault was observing bearding and crowding on front I sighed aa little and bammm .Was hoping that my first would be on arm or so ... A little puffy and sore ,when I got to the house I pulled stinger out with tweezer .I'm still loving the bee world :)
The swelling is pretty impressive. Other than benydryl and a ice pack, is there anything else I can do?

give it about 3 days and it will go down. got stung on eyebrow a year ago and both eyes swelled shut for 2 days.
NorthernIL, got four on right hand Saturday, swelling went down yesterday. on the nose is the worst, imo.
Thanks guys, misery loves company. It swelled shut so wife took me into the ER. Doctor said I was doing the right stuff, benydryl, ice pack and he boosted me with a steroid for the swelling and another benydryl. So will give it some time to go down.

I was telling them I got it in a bar fight and was heading back to get the S.O.B. that sucker punched me---I came right home and am doing the waiting thing. I got it on the right signal finger about a week ago and that swelled too. I was just dumb to take off my jacket/veil and bring the inner cover and top back in with me, should have left it down by the hive.


I got it on the right signal finger about a week ago
That cracks me up! Thanks for the morning laugh. I too got one on my right thumb and one on my left "signal finger" last Sunday.
Kind of like the tag I got last July right above the eyebrow. Took a week to get back to normal.
Got my first sting yesterday on the tip of my's amazing how fast it happens and that for a couple seconds it doesn't hurt at all...then the venom kicks in. No really swelling, but my finger is a bit stiff.
I made a label for my honey from a sting to my eye. Just sittin watchin the bees and one "bee lined" me right in the corner of my eye. Swelled shut. Took Pics cause I didn't think my Sgt would believe me and I was sure he didn't want a one eyed gun toter working a shift. Called in sick. Well, I gave my Sgt. a jar of honey that had a label that said,,,"STUNG INDA EYE HONEY" :D:D
All was good

Rick SoMd
my eye swelling almost all gone today but the bone around the eye socket hurts to the touch :no:I KNOW <<<DONT TOUCH IT!!!!!!!!!!
ouch :gh: quit it.
I got stung Tuesday about 8 P.M. and today Thursday, I can open my left eye some to see----I'm thrilled!

I think the girl who nailed me was named Loretta, I'll miss her, she was a good worker!

I got stung in the eyelid. Swelled like crazy. But in 3 days it went down and all was good..
I got stung in the nose, not on the nose, INSIDE the nose! Now that is painful!!
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