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Sticky Board for Solid Bottom Boards?

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This weekend I saw a sticky board that was for use with solid bottom boards. It was very thin, slid in the entrance of the hive and used to check mite drop. It was just a thin frame with a sticky board, covered with wire mesh and bees could still go in and out of hive. They did not know where it was purchased. Could someone please help me out and let me know where I can buy a couple? Thanks!
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I am afraid I do not have the info you are looking for. However, if you end up not finding it, I have found that if you take a thin sheet of plastic (ridgid or semi-ridgid) coat it with a thin layer of petroleum jelly, that the mites get stuck in it, but the bees do not, and it does not seem to bother the bees in any way.
Is it this?

That's a screen you put on top of the solid bottom board that allows you to slide in a sticky board under it, on top of the solid bottom board. Just saw this the other day.

Edited to add:
Here are some more: There are two on that page - the Assembled Wooden Varroa Screen Trap and Assembled Wooden Varroa Screen Trap with Drawer (don't have to take the hive apart for the last one).
Not quite what I saw. These are variation or mods to a bottom board. What I saw was a very thin assembly that you insert into the entrance of an existing hive with a bottom board in place.
Oh, that sounds cool. I'd like to know about that one, too.

I wonder if one can be made fairly easily? Make a shim shorter than the bottom board so that when it's fully inside the hive bottom it leaves a space along the front for the bee entrance, attach #8 hardware cloth to the top, then just put a sticky board underneath (trimmed to fit), and slide the whole thing in. Does that sound like what you're looking for? I'm trying to think of what would be good to use for the shim - thin enough to fit, but thick enough to keep the bee legs from going through the hardware cloth and touching the sticky board. Not coming up with anything at the moment, but bet I would if given enough time in Home Depot.
Yes -that is what I saw. Maybe I will have to make one. Anybody know what the thickness of the shim needs to be so that the bees can not get stuck to the sticky board?
Yes, this is very close. The one they showed at the Beekeeping Institute here in Georgia was just like that but had a very thin wood frame. The screen was across the top of the flat wood frame and the stick board was underneath it. I would thnk just the thinkness of the screen would not be enough to keep the bees from stepping between the mesh and getting stuck on the sticky board. I found some 1/4" plywood at a hobby store. I am going to cut the frame from that, staple the screen mesh to it and then tape a sticky board underneath. Will let you all know how that works.
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