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State-specific TBH groups on FB, admin by Goldstar HoneyBees

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Hi, All. For those of you who use Facebook, Christy Hemenway of Goldstar Honeybees has started private state-specific groups especially for top-bar hive folks. I kind of like having the spot as a place to talk to FL folk, given how much local conditions impact what goes on in the hive, even if the weather in south FL is quite different from my north-central locale:rolleyes:. The image provides the info for joining if you're interested -- here's how the sticky on the page reads: "This is a group created specifically for Top Bar Beekeepers in the state of [insert your state here]. This group was founded to help treatment-free beekeepers (using hives with no foundation wax) find each other – to learn more about this method of beekeeping and continue to work toward treatment-free beekeeping becoming the norm! Please join and post your location and a bit about your hives and beekeeping experience to date! This group is administered by Christy Hemenway of Gold Star Honeybees, author of 'The Thinking Beekeeper – A Guide to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives.'"
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The FL group is pretty small so far, but active, and responses come pretty quickly which can be fun. I take some ribbing locally for having gone the TBH route, so honestly, it's nice to have another spot where people aren't shaking their heads!
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I signed up for the Virginia page. Not many participants yet.
Florida only has a handful -- literally. This just got started, so we'll see over time how it pans out. Could be that some regions are more TBH populated than others? Around here, people just sort of stare.
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