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Starting with One Hive in Pleasant Hill

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Hi All,

I just purchased an active colony to set up in my backyard in Pleasant Hill.

Hoping to split the colony during the summer.

I have already purchased a screened bottom board, and am planning on using regular powdered sugar dustings and drone combs as a way to keep varroa under control.

Hoping to harvest and bottle honey in the fall. Locally grown honey seems to work wonders with my asthma, and I am hoping my own backyard honey is even better.

I also do lots of vegetable and rose gardening. I plan on keeping that organic as much as possible. I would like to find a good resource to know what gardening treatments are dangerous for bees and what ones are fine. For example, can I use Neem oil on the rose bushes or not? Can I use copper soap to control mildew on the rose bushes or not? So far I'm just using ladybugs and praying mantids.

Steve Salser
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Welcome and so far you are bee friendly. There is a wealth of information on that warning label we never read. Garden products have one block about the threat to bees and wildlife. The weather and time of day are very important too. If you spray in the early evening as the sun is setting it is less dangerous to the bees. I once googled "pesticides toxic to bees" and found much information. If you use encapsulated chemicals they will carry it home and die. If you use dusts over liquids it will go home with them. Oil and water based differences have some effect too.
Hi Steve,
Welcome from Dan in Concord.
Have you checked out mount diablo beekeepers assoc. we have 195 members in the area.
We meet monthly 10 months a year at heather farms walnut creek. Good group of people.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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