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Starting Spring 2015!

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Was always fascinated with these marvelous insects, and enjoy honey as well. Finally resolved into actually starting it as a hobby. No plans of having several hives, perhaps just one. Hoping my "girls" will be good, healthy, and good producers. I've been reading, watching YouTube videos for a long time, and now joined this forum. Read around for the past couple of days, and have found great info! Keep up the great work!
God bless.
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Welcome in and good luck with your start. A good idea is to start with at least two hives; this will help you in many ways.
Welcome! Treewinder has a good point, Winter losses in Pa. tend to be high. easily doubling what they were 20 years ago. having only one hive makes any loss 100%, Two haves are no more work than one. By having two hives should you loose on you have resources to build from Making it not feel as though you are starting all over.

If I am not mistaken Lawrence is just below Pittsburgh. which is good for you, as it puts you in the area of Burgh Bees. The local bee club. and one of the very best in the state. at last reckoning Paul Krepicz was president. A master Beekeeper certified by the Eastern Apicultural Society . A very knowledgeable man and all around great guy. You will do well to seek out burghs Bees and join. The information they offer is invaluable. and I believe they have a mentoring program, which is also a great resource. I do not off the top of my head know the clubs web site but I am sure a search of Burgh Bees will locate it.

Good luck in your endeavors... Tenbears
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I will echo what the others have said and advise to get two hives. That way you are doubling your chances for success. Also, you can observe if both hives are ding well by comparing them to each
other. I too was going to start with only 1 hive but everything I read (including on BeeSource) says to start with two hives. Spend your time reading up on the hobby. Find a local beekeepers
association and join. My local association was invaluable in getting me started. And of course Beesource helped with along the way with any questions I had.
Also, spend your time until next spring to get your equipment and getting it ready for your new family.

Bee aware, this is an addicting hobby, you will spend more time learning and talking about bees to anyone who will listen.
Welcome to Beesource!

Here is the website for the Burgh Bees club that Tenbears mentioned:

I too agree with the comments that having at least two hives is a much better plan than only a single hive.
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