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Starting my first year over

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So I became interested in beekeeping a bit over a year ago, and started 1 top bar hive in my parent's back yard as my family and I were planning to move out of our condo.

It's a year later and My family and I moved to CT and I now have enough space to really get started, I thought I was doing well with my first hive but My bees froze and starved, This winter was brutal and I just feel my bees were not strong enough did not have enough stores etc to survive really bad winter we have had.

This year I am hoping I will have better luck, I cleaned out the hive at my parent's place and built 2 more for my house. I have 2 top bar's and 1 Warre hive just about ready, (just have to get a coat of linseed oil on 2 of them.)

I have 3 packages coming in soon, and plan on having at least 1 or 2 swarm traps out in the trees in my yard.

I have alot to learn yet but am glad I registered here and am going to start reading about other people's experiences on here, hopefully will have better luck this year.
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Welcome, best of luck with your bees!
Everyone is good for at least one do-over. Good luck and welcome.

Enjoy yer b's.
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