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hey guys. I have a few questions for you sideliners. For several years now I've been gearing up and studing towards creating my own sideline beekeeping. I hope to start next spring with 4 hives and grow from there hoping to grow to about a 100 hives in 5-7 years giving myself time for the operation to all grow accordingly. Somethings I want to sort out before I actually have honey to sell is developing a brand name and a label that I can keep at whatever size I grow to. I have a company name in mind but one thing I know little about is the labeling. I'm currious what you's are doing whether your making your own labels or working with graphic designer or something like that for your labels?? any thoughts on the subject would be apprecieted.
The second question that comes to mind is honeysales at retail stores. I have several people I know that run a store and I have in mind to ask if I can sell my honey in there store. What I not sure about is if there is a general % of the sales that should go to the store as a commition or something and am wondering what your expirence with retail is with this. thanks guys....bouks
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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