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Starting a Beekeeping Association

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So, I'm just starting my beekeeping adventure, but I'm super thrilled about it and I think it's going to be awesome. The books I've read all recommend getting in touch with your local Beekeepers Association. Well, as big as Tucson is, and even though it has its own beekeeping supply store, it does NOT have a beekeeper's association (this from the owner of the store).

So...I'm thinking maybe I should start one! But I don't really know what the typical association actually does. I mean, you probably meet, maybe have a website, but my knowledge really stops there.

What does your beekeeping association do? Do I have to do something to make it official, or just tell people that I'm starting one?
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You need by-laws, a president Vice pres secitary and has to be non profit. Open to all. and edacational most Assoc's are tied in to the state Assoc. and state Ag college extention. thats it in a nut shell.
A friend an I started a local club two years ago, we have about 50 members now. Attendence at meetings averages around 20. The purpose of our club was simply to get local beekeepers connected and helping each other. We have no officers, dues, by-laws or anything official. We meet monthly at either the library or county extension office (both free). Occasionally we have a planned program, but usually we just sit around a table and talk about bees. There are a handful of long-time beekeepers and most of the rest are relatively new, so there are always plenty of questions. Even the the "old timers" admit that they often learn something new during our discussions.

We've also had some informal "field clinics" when a member had said they'd like someone to help go thru their hives and opens it up to anyone who wants to come.

I recommend starting out simply, and having fun with it.
Interesting to get two different opinions!

If I wanted to have "bylaws," what would they be? Examples?

Any ideas on how to advertise the meetings, besides at the beekeeping store?

Should I wait to do a meeting until I have garnered interest (say, advertise that the first meeting will be in the spring, call or email if interested?)

them bylaws is a bit tricky. id see if state has a state ass. if you cant
find any examples contact north carolinas an they can send you examples
of what is required here.
you can usaly meet in a goverment buildin for free but

yall also got to open a checkin account.
collect dues
how much a year 20.00
how much for lifetime 200.00
aint sure how much a year for state
state lifetime is 300.00

one of the tricky bylaws is.
do you have to be a member of the state club to be member of your
local club. state gives money an alocates funds for guest speakers
an so forth an so on. we decided it up to individual to choose
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Interesting to get two different opinions!
It comes down to what is your purpose for forming a group? What to you hope to achieve? Our club had discussions about being more "formal" with officers, dues, by-laws, etc, but the members decided they preferred our informal arrangement.

Any ideas on how to advertise the meetings, besides at the beekeeping store?
What we did was arrange to get a meeting room at the library on a certain date. Then we placed ads in local papers (free) and on the radio (free) asking that anyone interested in a local beekeeping club meet at the library on that date. Additionally, we personally invited any local beekeepers that we knew. We had about a dozen at the first meeting. We continue to run ads from time to time announcing our meetings.
I will chime in here quickly. Ok have to have presidents and officers and what not but please dont make it so formal it like a city hall hearing. It sorta what happened here. To leave the meeting it must be ajourned, seconded and everyone must say I. DONT DO THAT. Its a beek club not congress.
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