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Start feeding again to stimulate comb building?

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I installed a couple packages on bare foundation a month ago. I fed them initially, and took the feed off about a week ago - the reason being because they had a fair bit of the syrup stored and there's a ton of stuff blooming and the weather is "fair" (not hot, but not cold).

They had about 65% of the frames drawn out when i took the feeder off.

I should also point out that (which I think now was a rookie mistake) I added an additional super at that time, since it looked like they were building up pretty quickly and i didn't want them to start getting overcrowded before my next inspection.

I went into the hives today, and found that there were still 3-4 frames in the bottom boxes (of both hives) that were empty (not drawn out at all). There were bees in the top boxes, starting to build out a couple of the frames surrounding the frame of brood I had moved up. Tons of pollen was coming in.

My question is - are those empty frames ever going to be filled now (in the bottom box)? Obviously they have all this room now up top as well ... it sort of feels like the comb building slowed down since last I checked, and I'm wondering if it's because I stopped feeding. So - what's the general consensus on whether I should resume feeding again to stimulate more comb building?

It also appears that they may have been dipping into some of the capped sugar syrupt they had stored ... maybe there's just not enough nectar around right now?
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Too much space can slow them down that's more than likely the issue not the lack off feeding.They won't build more comb than they can take care of.After brood hatches they'll probably pick back up.I don't know anything about your nectar flow so I can't comment on that.If there is a nectar flow you don't need to feed.If it gives you comfort feed them,won't hurt anything.
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