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SSRV Beehive transport system.

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Added to our fleet of vehicles is our SSRV (super slow response vehicle) and hive transport trailer. lol
Comments and suggestions welcome.

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Hey I really like that one, it looks like just my speed!
People around where I live see a man on a moped the first thought is " he must have had a dui." ( in SC a license is not required for a moped) Then seeing you are pulling a beehive the thought would be " he must have been kicked out of his house too."
Hey that is cool but with a lawn like that I would guess you have a rider. (already built to go slow and has the pulling power.)
Have seen many of these vehicles in North Africa it depends if you would have a donkey or not.
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BEE HAPPY Jim 134 :)
I've never seen a beehive on a scooter before, but I have seen a family of five on one...
Speaking of donkeys & unique beekeeping transport ...

'Boneco' was previously posted in this thread, but I couldn't resist bringing him back. :)
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Is this in the US?

If so I do suggest its just another confirmation we are in the process of trading places with China or some nameless dictator led "state" in Africa?

Cool idea if your a peasant overseas...but here its a shade toward the side of being economically useless for 99.9% of any bee operations I know of!!!!

Here I thought the economy in Michigan was picking up. Maybe its not so!

Leads me to wonder if Rickshaws are going to be the "new normal" in 20 years when transporting bees?

Suggestions? : If you plan on putting live hives on that trailer I personally would spend more money on an air ride system (10X) to cushion the blows than the cost of the rest of the trailer itself..
Two wheeled tractors are so hard to find in this country. I had to cob up a snow blower to make mine.
The very first two wheeled tractor come to my mind is Gravely been around at least 50 years and I do know there are a lot more two wheeled tractors in the USA

BEE HAPPY Jim 134 :)
I just saw and one one yesterday. On their site it says they are an Ariens company and all I see is mowers no tractors.
Gravely is out of the two wheeled tractor business. If you want a Gravely, it will have to be an older used one. However, BCS is selling similar new two wheel tractors in the US market:

Graveley's rotary plow seems to have been a one of a kind design. It worked quite well in tough dirt, but no one seems to offer anything equivalent anymore.

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