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Spring mite treatment

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I treated last fall with Apivar, did a powdered sugar shake of 2/3 cup of bees from one hive mostly from one frame of brood comb. I didn't see any from the shake, but while scraping a small amount of drone brood off of a top bar I saw one mite on a larvae. I will probably just continue monitoring the mite level, but if I decide to treat what is an effective method for the spring? I am going to pull the queen and a few frames of brood the first part of May to help prevent swarming and hopefully still get a honey crop. Would that be a good time to use oav? Is oav okay to use during the flow?
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There is a time right before the new queen starts laying but, after most of the larva have hatched where an OAV could be very beneficial. Randy Oliver wrote about it in the American Beejournal a couple months ago. I forget what day you were supposed to do the treatment though. Maybe you can check his website for more details.
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