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Spring Medication Questions

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1 How warm should it be for me to use Check-mite and Mite-a-thol?
2. Can I treat with both at the same time?
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Before using check-mite makes sure the mites are not resistant to it (talk to your bee inspector).
I would never use Chumaphos; it’s the worst chemical you can use in your hives. Chumaphos contaminates your combs and if you have it in the wax there is no way to get rid of it. Even if you made candles out of the wax and burn them in your house you might get health problems.

Chumaphos in combs causes sterile drones and queen breeders will have a problem also ….soon our later. A queen from a Chumaphos queen breeder can run out of fertile sperms in a few month and you wonder what’s happen with your hives.

Before spending any money for a new queen ask the seller whether he uses check-mite or not.

You should treat in late summer and early winter to get healthy bees in spring and not the other way. I monitor the mite drop during spring and if I have 3 or more mites on the sticky board per day in May I treat immediately, otherwise I start with the main treatment in August as soon as the blackberries are finished.

When you buy packed bees or get a swarm treat them with oxalic acid vapor before the first cells are closed (4-5 days after you put them in the new home) and your hive has no mite problems for a long time.
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