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Spring management question/ checkerboarding

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Tomorrow will be 60 degrees here, but it will get cold again next week. We have had a real winter in Central Jersey this year and the bees burned honey. So I had to feed bee candy-significant especially now because the bees are on brood. So, tomorrow it will be warm, and so I will check the condition of the queen at the warm period in the early afternoon.

Checker boarding was invented in South Central Tennessee, correct? My recollection of South Western Tennessee is that it is about 3 or 4 weeks ahead of us in mild weather. So, Spring is really kicking in April, while we are just beginning to get into Spring. We plant Snow Peas in NJ if we can in Mid April. Nevertheless, my red budding Maples are already showing fuzz in the buds and bloom, and my bees have found pale yellow pollen (likely skunk cabbage).

Can I checker board a hive that has its brood in a medium tomorrow if it is queen right and the cluster is medium or stronger? It will be 60 degrees. I will have sufficient honey and drawn comb to provide for 2 medium supers above the brood nest in checker box configuration. They will be left in a Southern Exposure.

This question also means we will have to loose the bee candy to add the supers of honey to the bees. Please comment on this. I am not sure how the bees will adapt to this. Right now I imagine they must feed in shifts and the whole cluster moves around as they are needed. If the cluster is too small then they are frozen if they are caught. So a weak hive is not a candidate. I believe, but I will see what lateral expansion is left and count reserves in the bottom. If the bees do have some reserves then I believe this hive is perfect.

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