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Spring Management: Put leftover honey below hive bodies?

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In The Backyard Beekeeper, the author briefly explains reversing hive bodies in the spring, then states: "If you have a box of honey left, put that on the bottom, the bees in the middle, and the empty box on top." Nothing further is stated about what to expect from the bees or any future steps to take when you put the hive in this configuration.

I can't recall ever seeing this advice elsewhere. Has anyone ever done this, or have any thoughts on whether or not this is a good practice? Would the bees move the honey, or would they be content leaving it below the brood nest?
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Reversing boxes and putting capped honey below brood during a flow with a good laying queen even with empty upper room has resulted in instant swarm cells (for me). It was a great way to prep for splits using my own cells. I was not expecting this and was glad I caught it in time before having a few hives swarm.

I'm not positive the difference between what I did and what the author is attempting. This was just my brief experience.
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