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Spring inspection

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Finally got a halfway decent day to do an inspection on my hive. Chock full of bees, but a few things that will need some work. They did start raising bees in the two supers I left on, so I switched those around to put the shallow on top. Two or three frames of brood left, the rest is empty or being filled with nectar. Some white wax, so things are heating up.

Found some queen cups on the bottom of a frame in the brood medium -- didn't get to the deep, they were getting too cranky to keep going. Very windy, and it's going to rain, so I quit. I'll re-arrange some things next week down in the brood chamber, I want to keep it open and I suspect I have some empty comb in the bottom box I can move up.

At least four boxes with all the frames covered with bees -- things are moving right along. That means I've got to get out in the garage and get some things made for my buddy, he's going to need more frames and boxes this week!

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