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Spring harvest (2020)

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Hi, y'all,

This year I installed two packages, one swarm, and I bought two nucs. I have no plans to harvest any honey this fall because the colonies are just getting started.

So I was thinking about a theoretical harvest in Spring 2020 and I was just wondering about the timing of that. When do you typically do a spring harvest? Or another way of asking it, how do you know that the colony is strong enough that would be okay to do?

One important contextual note: I live in Georgia near Atlanta. Overwintering will be pretty easy for my bees.

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Well, no replies. That's okay. Posting made me think about it more. I don't know that I would even bother with a spring harvest because of the newness of the colonies. (can't assume that they will survive that long anyways.) Patience patience patience.
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