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I am having a problem with fleas in the house we have a house dog and both neighbors. I have dogs outside. I assume the fleas are coming in when we let the dog out he is bringing them in. I have some Cutter backyard bug control that kills fleas ants and mosquitoes also grubs. It hooks up to your water hose and you wet the yard with it. My bee hives are about 20 feet from the yard. My queastion is can I go out to the hives at dark and close up the hive and spray my yard at dark and open the bees after the sun comes up to dry the yard? My problem is I think the bees my come out and try to drink some of the water off the grass thiere are no flowers for them to get on in the yard just the grass. I dont have to worry about drift because it goes on wet with a garden hose. Any and all recomendations would be helpfull thanx
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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