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splitting up the brood nest

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I have a hive that is a deep and a shallow, with brood in both. I'd like it to go into winter with two deeps, but I am afraid of splitting up the brood chamber (I mean if I just put the deep on top the first deep, with brood in the shallow above it)

That is a nuc hat is just taking off and I don't want to experiment to drastically - any concerns about just putting the deep in there in the middle?
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I'd make sure the queen's in the deep, put the new deep on the bottom, put a queen excluder between the deep where the queen is and the shallow on top. The nurse bees won't leave the brood until they hatch out.
Split the brood in the deep with the other deep. "like checkerboarding" with the super left on top and the queen will move into the two deeps as the flow fills the super. No need for an excluder.
Or, if they aren't that strong yet, just add a deep to the top and let them eventually expand into it.
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