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Splitting question

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I am going into my second year as a beek and have heard conflicting advice on whether splittting my hives are a good idea and if so when is the best time. I have two hives, one is pretty busy with bees and the other is really full of bees I am in SC and the days are staying in the 50's now. Any advice is appreciated.

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One possible explanation for what seems to be conflicting advice is the reason for the split. What do you want to achieve? Michael Bush explains it well:
I only split when I want more colonies. I never split before dandelion season here in MA. So, look for drones and strong colonies as foundational to your plans. Decide if you want them to raise their own queen or if you're going to provide them with one. Makes a difference.
same here I wait until dandelion season and do a walk away split .
I start splitting in the spring and continue through the summer, it might be a little early in your area for drones (not sure check for drones in your hives and call a few other beeks) I am just starting to see drones here in central FL, but a split with a mated queen would be possible now that things are warming up. Until you decide make sure they have "space" for the queen to lay, and others to store pollen which should start or already started rolling in. Space to store and lay will help prevent their swarming as they build for spring.
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