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Splitting, Feeding and 2 Nectar Flows - 2nd year plans

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Hi all,

I'm seeking some advice on several fronts. I'm a second year beek in NC. I revently lost one of my 2 hives to a windstorm, but still have one colony that's very strong (from a captured June swarm) with plenty of remaining stores for the month or so of chilly weather ahead.

My plans/questions are as follows:

Since This colony is so strong I was thinking about making a split.

- advised? or just get a package/nuc?
- if I do split, when? (our swarms start in early march)
- if I'm going to split, should I start feeding? (the hive that I lost has some frames of honey/pollen I can move over)
- recommended method? Double screen board?

2 Flows:
I figure that a split may stunt things temporarily with regard to honey production, but NC has two major nectar flows: One where I live (Tulip Poplar/Blackberrry), and one immediately afterwards in the Mountains (Sourwood).

- Sound ok? Anything I'm missing?
-Think I'll get some Honey from each colony if all goes well?

Thanks much in advance. :thumbsup:
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I would leave your one hive as is for now. get a swarm and put them into the hive from the colony you just lost.

You could take 5 frames from the one hive for a split and have those bees raise their own queen but you may still find a swarm before the new queen would be fully ready. Either way you should be ok.
Now isn't the time to count your chickens. The hive may boom and you may get two splits off it. It may struggle and you get none. It may die and you get less than none. There is a fair chance it will do well and splitting will be required to keep them from swarming. See how it does and make the decision based on that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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