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Splitting a hive to sell??

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Question about splitting a hive which someone recommended I do. I am in NE Florida and got my first hive in March (8 frame deep). Had a swarm apparently in May (long story) queen now (from swarm cell) and bees are great. however, I have extreme overcrowding again. I have 1 small honey super, almost completely built out (not capped) and I just added a med. super. I was out of town and came back, cked hive and found 4 or so queen cells. I scraped off 2 and left some smaller ones.....also lots of drone cells (capped). Do the drone cells indicate an upcoming swarm as well as the swarm cells? I am quite surprised I might have another swarm but what do I know as I am a new beekeeper. Do swarms usually happen more than once a year with a new hive? Any advice...should I split and sell the nuc or let them do what nature tells them. Thanks.
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Are you seeing cells (royal jelly and larva), or just cups? If these are sealed cells you would really want to leave the largest not the smallest, if your gonna make a queen, it might as well be a good one.

Are you using an excluder? Sounds like you are, if that is the case you need to give the queen more room, like another brood box.
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