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Splitting a hive to sell??

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Question about splitting a hive which someone recommended I do. I am in NE Florida and got my first hive in March (8 frame deep). Had a swarm apparently in May (long story) queen now (from swarm cell) and bees are great. however, I have extreme overcrowding again. I have 1 small honey super, almost completely built out (not capped) and I just added a med. super. I was out of town and came back, cked hive and found 4 or so queen cells. I scraped off 2 and left some smaller ones.....also lots of drone cells (capped). Do the drone cells indicate an upcoming swarm as well as the swarm cells? I am quite surprised I might have another swarm but what do I know as I am a new beekeeper. Do swarms usually happen more than once a year with a new hive? Any advice...should I split and sell the nuc or let them do what nature tells them. Thanks.
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Yes, a hive can swarm more than once a year if they continue to get crowded.
Yes, a hive will increase drone production during swarm preparation.
You can go either way you like, let nature take it's course or make a split with the current queen. :)
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