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I am sure my question is addressed somewhere else, but I can not find a specific answer so here it goes

I made up 4 nuc's yesterday, taking 3 frames of bees, brood, eggs, etc and placing them into a nuc box with 2 frames of drawn comb. I didn't want to mess with moving them 3 miles so I just sealed them up, put a feeder on top and plan on opening up the nuc's in a few days

Anyone see issues with this? How long should I let them think about thing's before letting them go? I was think 3 day's.
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I've never sealed up a split, or moved them more than a few feet unless they where going to live somewhere else.

I know forage aged bees will fly back, so I give an extra frame or two of shook bees to the split and check back in a couple of days. I also make the entrance pretty small until they have numbers enough to protect what they have though.

You can move whole thing and do a fly-back split as well
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