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I just did some splits recently and am very excited about them, we will see if they work out.

I ended up taking one split from each of my hives with 6 frames (mediums) of brood (2-3) brood/pollen (1-2) and honey (1). I put them in my mediums with a divider so there are two nucs rearing queens on each side of the divider with with a total of 8 frames, (two undrawn). I put on a half gallon of 1:1 on each and an hoping to move them back to my back yard after I wee capped queen cells.

I notched with the OTS method but ended up also notching some eggs because it was hard to see the larva as my magnification head set didn't get in yet. I figured that couldn't hurt, but am relying on the bees to know how to requeen themselves. Hoping this turns out and maybe it will encourage me to graft some queens soon for nucs I want mid season.

Just happy to be playing with bees and spring starting to feel like spring.

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