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I split my hives about a week ago... with a great novice strategy in my head. Of course, it's likely my strategy doesn't actually work in the real world... so I'm asking for feedback to hopefully do better next time.

I had 2 hives. Both were 1 deep and 2 mediums that were absolutely packed with bees. I had a third medium of foundation above that for space and they had started drawing that out and storing nectar.

My goals:
* small increase in number of hives (but not looking for maximum increase)
* reasonable honey production
* swarm management

I've seen how a couple of folks locally do splits and I'm guessing they would have split these hives 4-5 ways. But they are selling bees. I am not. My reasoning was to split the hive fairly evenly 2 ways, leaving the queen in the original location and sending foragers back to her. In other words, I took away 2 mediums (both with brood in all stages, nectar and pollen) and left behind a deep and a medium (brood in all stages, nectar, pollen, queen).

There were A LOT of bees and capped brood in the split -- maybe enough that I'm impacting honey production on the mother hives. These were walkaway splits. And I do see capped queen cells in the daughter hives already.

So... with the above goals in mind... what, if anything, should I have done differently?
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