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split question

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:scratch:I want to split from standard Lang. deep to a medium long Lang. Will this work: place a 3" shim/box on the med. long to accept the deep frames, place a mix of drawn and frameless in the balance of the long, and remove the deep frames over time or just put the split deep on top of the long medium and hope they go down and sideways.
Kind of like putting on a short sided super on a medium making it a deep, except in this case the medium is 4 foot long.
Current deeps to split have plastic foundation.:s
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It;s much simpler to top super your MDS, Medium Depth Super, over your full depth super, have the bees draw out the MDS frames, and at some point in time extract the honey out of the deep frames to use in your management.
Heat rises and bees draw out frames where it's warm.Your experience will improve over time.
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