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Split my bees right or wrong

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Today I looked at my hive and saw a lot of capped brood cells. Not only that but I seen queen cells at the bottom of frames and the nurse bees seemed to be taking extra care of them. I did see some large white larva. My queen was working like crazy almost all my frames were full of honey and brood. I had a hive were I had lost bees this winter so I took 2 frames of brood and the queen along with nurse bees and put them in this hive it had 5 frames of honey and empty frames of wax comb. Am I right or wrong will it work.
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that should work fine, the stronger (mother) hive will continue to build the queen cells, while the old queen with the younger bees will continue to foster the new hive.
There is no single right way to do a split. There are a few wrong ways, but I don't think you did anything resembling any of the wrong ways to do a split.
If you left the split in the same yard you should have shaken 3 frames or so of bees from uncapped larva or freshly hatched brood frames. Doing that would ensure that you have enough bees left to care for the brood and cover an empty frame so the queen can lay more eggs. If you only took the bees that were on the 2 frames of brood the chances are to great that alot of them will fly back to the original hive because they were used to flying into that location already. Now when you get a cold spell there will not be enough heat generated to incubate the brood even if it was moved to a new location outside the flying distance of the original hive.
I will be checking on my queen this morning to see how she is. If no bees I can get some the mother hive is only 5 feet away.
Well I just checked and thay are in there lookin good. If and when I can figure how to send photos I will post some.
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