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Split from spring package

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I started again this spring with 2 new packages in April. One is a 3# package that has really taken off with the stores and drawn comb from last winters deadout.
12 days ago I was doing an inspection. The hive had filled 2, 10 frame medium boxes to the brim. I thought either add a new box or make a split. I decided to split. I took 3 frames of brood, eggs and larvae in various stages. All the nurse bees on those frames. 2 Frames of honey and pollen. I also shook a frame of bees in. I then filled the remainder with drawn comb frames.
The capped brood has been hatching and orienting in front of the hive.

How long before looking for queen cells?
Anyone ever tried this?

ANY input would be greatly appreciated.
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I took a quick peek in the split today. I pulled a frame from the brood nest and there she was! A beautiful fat, dark, extended abdomen queen! What a great sight!

Now the mystery...She looks mated to me. Ive seen virgin queens and know how they look different with their slender abdomen and smaller size. Going over my math... I did the split 14 days ago (ignore my date in the first post). Is it possible she would be mated already?
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