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Should I inspect the new split? Or leave them alone to do their thing?
My queens emerged back on 06/03. I've taken a peek twice since making the splits. How else was I going to learn? I learned a lot the first time, and a little more the second. First, I now know from experience what a cell looks like after a queen has emerged, and while she emerges, and what a cell looks like when the occupant has been dispatched. It is pretty cool to see just how much smaller a virgin queen is. I also got to hear piping as the virgin sounded out her competitors. Second, I learned to keep in mind that unmated queens are capable of flying just as well as workers. I saw this (almost) happen last week. I had the lid off and was pulling a frame from the center of the nuc when I looked at the top edge of the box and saw the queen in takeoff stance. So, I hovered my hand over her and she decided to go back down. I decided to leave the nuc alone for a couple of weeks after that :)
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