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I caught a swarm today at a local college here in Springfield, MO. I also found the actual hive in another tree near by. However, it is about twenty-five feet up. See the photo.

Tree Property Woody plant Plant Trunk

My question is, I can fasten a shelf to the tree, and I can make the trap; I think, but my time may be limited due to the college setting and the college’s desire to keep the campus nice. I believe the queen is in the swarm that I caught today next to the hive, so there is a low probability that there is another one in the hive yet. If I move quickly, can I install a trap with some brood comb (eggs and Larvae) to lure any new queen out into the trap, or what would the other bees do? Would they take care of the eggs and brood, or would they clear them out? It seems like it would be a perfect time for a trap-out due to the hive being in transition already, but I don’t know.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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