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Space/land needed to start comercial beekeeping

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In a country with no regulations about hives/bees placements per acre , what is the space needed to start a 500 bee. Hives apiculture with space for planting it's flowers for their nutrition? Your help will be highly appreciated.
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You could put 500 hives on 2 acres with a honey processing shed. The flowers to support those hives would require many, many acres.
Any chance of using your bees to pollinate crops? Almond trees, most fruit trees, cotton, watermelon, rapeseed, pumpkins, many berry crops, commercial cut flower farms can provide nectar for bees. But then you would need to transport the hives to various places.
Now if you are in a place with a lot of outside nectar sources the bees could support themselves without moving them.
A good video:
Bees require literally millions of flowers to make a kilogram of honey. The foraging area of each hive can be as large as 200 square kilometers. You will most likely not be planting anything. If this land is out in the country, they you probably won't have an issue. But if you are in an urban/suburban area, you may run into resource problems.
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