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Space between hives

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I'm adding a second hive this spring. The first hive is on a few cinder blocks and I like having it a little off the ground. I plan on placing the second hive near the first and would like to put both hives on planks running between cinder block risers, leaving space between the hives to place supers while I inspect, etc. I'm thinking of getting 6 1/2 foot planks so that I can comfortably place a hive near each end leaving a couple of feet in between. Any thoughts on this plan? Is the spacing adequate? Should I worry about drifting or robbing? I've read a little about marking hives with geometric designs or colors. It sounds intriguing but does it really matter?

As always...thanks!
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<grin> So...I think I'm going to be placing them 4" apart, right next to each other, side by each and leaving space for supers, covers, tools....but not cold breezes. Orienting them slightly northwest in a southeast direction during the first 12 months of the year should allow both man and bee to flourish. Color choice should be limited to two....white or another color. </grin>!

Couldn't resist. Thanks everyone. I'm going to go for the planks on blocks with enough space to let me work between them. I can always stick a nuc there too should I want to. Come winter, they'd be easy enough to slide together. Haven't decided on color or pattern or whatever. I think it'll end up being a spur of the moment thing.
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