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Space between hives

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I'm adding a second hive this spring. The first hive is on a few cinder blocks and I like having it a little off the ground. I plan on placing the second hive near the first and would like to put both hives on planks running between cinder block risers, leaving space between the hives to place supers while I inspect, etc. I'm thinking of getting 6 1/2 foot planks so that I can comfortably place a hive near each end leaving a couple of feet in between. Any thoughts on this plan? Is the spacing adequate? Should I worry about drifting or robbing? I've read a little about marking hives with geometric designs or colors. It sounds intriguing but does it really matter?

As always...thanks!
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Pepperell, MA is not going to get 20 below very
often, and 40 below, so I'd be more concerned
with having enough space between the hives to
work in comfort than any other factor.

Of course, Mike's claims about how cold it gets
in Nebraska are just a tad exaggerated. Nebraska's
record cold temperature, -27 degrees at Vinita NE,
happened back on February 13, 1905.

Its never been 40 below in Nebraska that anyone
knows of, and likely never will, barring another
ice age. It is very very very rarely as cold as
20 below, but I must conceed that it may feel
that way to poor Mike.

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> I still enjoy reading his posts.........and
> arguing with him.

Same here, Idee.

> I think it has to do with having more time on
> his hands than most. Or nothing better to do...

Well, let's see, Bjorn:

Profile for BjornBee:
Registered: February 07, 2003
Posts: 3782

So, that's 945.5 posts per year, an average
of 2.5 per day, 7 days a week, 365
days a year, with no days off.

Profile for Jim Fischer:
Registered: January 05, 2001
Posts: 3015

A mere 495 posts per year, just over half
as many as Bjorn.

So, if anyone seems to have too much
time on their hands, or nothing better to do,
it would be... Bjorn, who is the all-time
3rd most prolific poster on BeeSource ever,
as indicated on the "directory" page.

It is much more than the "pot calling the
Kettle "black"
, it is the freakin'
multi-ton "Bessemer Converter
calling the kettle black"

The defense rests it's case.

And thanks for the weather report, Mike
sorry to hear about the very unusual and
abnormal lows, hope they continue to crop
up only every century or so.
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