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To: The Royal Shutterbug

From: HRH Queen Abelia

Subject: Sometimes a girl needs her privacy.

Much as I love the attention, sometimes the papparazzi can be so in your face, you know what I mean? So maybe you could give me some "space and time" to quote my Dear Cousin, the late Princess Di. I'm just getting things in this teensy hive sorted out. Somehow I was expecting it to be longer......

Also some of the commoners don't have very good internet connections and so when there are tons of pix in the thread it times out and then they can't see me at all. Which is a very great pity and we do not find that satisfactory.

(Just thought I'd pass along this message - your Queen A has been texting my Queens Fern, Iris, Buttercup and Anthemis all day about this.)

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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