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Hello! A short description into my world would start along the lines of still being wet behind the ears from college and almost 2 years into my first job. Never worked bees but have been around them and as of lately read more about and asked more questions and watched more you tube videos about the " bee life" than you can shake a stick at. A close family member has about 500 hives and my girlfriends dad has about 2500 and her brother has about 600.
Recently I have made the decision to purchase 100 hives to go along with my "contract worker/partner" 10 hives. As I have not received them yet I am sure the wood ware will be heavily used and worn, you have to start somewhere and you can't have the best equipment with out loads of $ that I do not have. I have placed an order for 150 deep bodies, 100 to add on and 50 to replace the more worn out and weathered equipment along with 1000 frames. I also have 150 medium supers ordered and 1200 frames. The next few weekends and afternoons are going to be filed with building as I have access to all the necessary tools to build them. We do not have a flatbed or skidster/hummerbee as the $ is very tight right now. We do have a truck and trailers we plan to use and rent a skid steer the few times we will need it. We are both in our mid 20s and physically active so most small stuff can be done/moved by hard work. We have wooded 200 acres (owned by family) close by to keep them and other places to set in south GA. If everything goes right and when $ and leases permit we will try to expand to mid FL, the Carolinas, and hopefully hop on a semi with a few others out to Cali.
I hope everything goes good and with a lot of hard work this will turn into a full time business.

Any comments, positive or negative, would be appreciated.

One thing I have learned and read other people say, ask 10 people a question and you get 10 different answers but, " its on the internet, it must be true"
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