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Please join the Community forum for SC beeks. We need everyone to be able to know who is on here that is in SC.

Actually this is true for all members to join their local community forum.

Reason I am requesting this is because I am wanting to know if there are any beeks in Calhoun County or nearby. I am going to do a cutout sometime in hopefully the near future in Calhoun County (which is my home county). I now live in TN. This cutout will probably take me 4 or 5 days as this is a huge hive in a home. The hive has been there since before 1980 and has NEVER BEEN UNOCCUPIED BY BEES!!!

The largest cutout I did was just before coming to SC for vacation and visiting family. That hive was over 100,000 bees. This hive could possibly be over 1,000,000 bees. Yes I said 1,000,000 bees. It covers almost one back side of the old house.

I rarely see bees in Calhoun County. While I can get these bees inspected and taken back to TN with me I would rather keep them as local as possible. Was hopening I could start an apiary in SC, register the bees and get another local beek to work with me on the apiary.

I feel sure that I can get enough bees/brood/comb/honey/pollen/and EGGS to start up a fair amount of colonies. I can bring enough equipment to make the colonies (Boxes/IC/OC/BBs/frames/etc).

This hive is so large that several people have said they would do they job only to leave and never come back. One of the beeks was from FL. One of them said that there could be 3,000,000 bees in the hive.
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