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I have Russian and VSH stock from Glenns. Mynn Hyg, from busy bee apiaries, and alot of feral and italian stock from here and there. I have alot of yards, basically 87 from Fayetteville to Riegelwood is where half my yards are, alot along 41, 53, and 701 also. It makes me really wonder how many bees I can actually keep in my county... not alot...

Anyways, any of ya'll can get up with me and just shoot the bull, Im in the bees or the shop in the week, and dayjob on the weekend. If I don't hear my phone ring dont kill me, saws are loud, and molten wax (make all my foundation) is bad for cell phones lol.
Call me up 910 879 7685
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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