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To all of our friends, family and beekeepers that have supported us in trying to get this grant. I just found out we are disqualified because we had that raffle.
It was devastating when pointed out to us. But now we realized, without having the raffle, we would have never had a chance. After writing like crazy to friends and forums, trying to network, we were stalled at 114 votes. I never had time to really social network, between the farm and the beekeeping business, life has been very busy. I have a FaceBook account, but hardly ever write, more of a lurker.
Good will come of this, we reconnected with so many of our old friends, that was exciting. And we did a lot of advertising, that is already paying off, which is wonderful.
Live and learn.
Go ahead and keep voting. We are committed to the raffle, we are having a raffle today and one when the contest ends as promised.
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