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something ain't right...

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I've had my10 frame hive from a 5 frame nuc going for 30 days now. I fed sugar syrup for the first seven days then stopped. When I inspected yesterday, there was just a little comb drawn on frame 3 and frame 9. (Less than half of only one side of each). I also noticed what looked to be a swarm cell on the bottom of a frame that came from a nuc. I'm in north Florida and thought for sure by now that a couple new frames would've been fully drawn out. Also, there isn't any more bees now than what I had 30 days ago. This is my first year and just a little confused right now.
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I'm at the same pace as yourself. Nucs 30days old in the 10frme box. Mine built it out pretty quick and the nectar was coming in so much i too had to stop feeding just so they wouldnt pack out ALL the comb with nectar. After a couple weeks i did rearrange the outside bars to get them to build out more on some of the empty ones. That helped a lil as they seem to like building out 2 and 9 so i switched the 1 with the 2 and the 9 with the 10. I have a super on that they have to build out but they seem to be ignoring it for the most part or they are just really slow to start. I did observe them hanging on the frames like they do when their building comb but didnt see a lot. Saw lots of brood, larva and actually saw both queens for the first time this weekend so I just closed it up and called it a day. Gonna leave em alone for 2 weeks now and see if they've built anymore. You may try switching some bars on the outside to see if that'll ramp up their building. If you feel real brave and now thats its warmed up quite a bit you can try sticking an empty frame amongst the brood area and i'll betcha they start building that one out REAL quick.
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