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Just want to vent.
I caught a few swarms this year and one was a big primary, so I was very excited.
About 10 days after I hived them they were building well so I added a deep box. I checked them a few days later and all was well so I left them for 10 days to let them build. Today I checked and as soon as I popped the top, I knew something was different. Not much additional comb had been drawn, so I looked for eggs and open brood. Some uncapped but no eggs or young larvae, but I did find a capped queen cell and she, and a portion of the workers, were gone.
I feel confident I gave them room before any queen cells had been formed or before they were crowded, but it happens. My only concern is that now lots of dragonflies are hanging around and I hope this queen returns from her mating flight.
Anyway, just felt like venting.
I hope I will not need to buy a new queen.
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