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I put a super on one of my hives containing some drawn comb from a hive that wintered poorly. They suffered from winter dysentery. I cleaned the comb up as good as I could but several individual cells had dark spots of poop in them. Not full of it but certainly stained. I had 3 or 4 frames like that. I put them in a super on a strong hive several weeks ago and they filled the frames up.

I extracted the honey yesterday and the bees did not clean out the comb very good. While decapping I could see cells that had brown spot in them and the distinctive smell of dysentery. I kept these frames separate and extracted only those frames not mixing them with clean frames.

The honey from those frames is slightly darker than the very light honey that I extracted from new frames this year. And it smells and tastes fine. But I can't see selling it or even eating anymore of it myself. Am I being squeamish or is this really tainted honey?
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