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We just bought a ten frame deep beginner hive and we are awaiting our first nuc delivery. I have a couple questions that i havent found answers for yet.

1) my hive has a solid top and bottom board. Would it be a good idea to cut or drill in ventilation holes and then screen them over in either the top or botton? Or both? I live in north Georgia and the hive will mostly be in the shade.
Yes. Holes in BB will allow any water to drain if you cant slope the entrance downward and top vents are very good to have.
2) the fellow who sold us the hive said we just need to add a honey super and get to harvesting, but every hive i see starts with at least two deep frames before they add the honey super. Should I do that instead?
I am not 100% sure what you are trying to ask here. are you asking if you should have a double deep hive before adding supers?
3) i also see everyone saying that you should start with more than one hive, but everyone is sold out of bees an i can't really afford another setup right now anyway. I do, however, want to try making my own top bar hive. If i did is it possible to add bees later on in Spring or early summer? Does anyine sell them during this time?
Sorry for the weird grammar, I'm posting from my cell phone
Generally speaking nobody sells NUCs or bees after June. In Ga I found it more like May as thats when the major flow begins and they are done making NUCs and packages before then.
Two hives are better than one to start with so you have some level of comparison.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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