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Some pics from the hive that I thought was going to swarm last week.

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Here are some pictures of the hive that I posted about seeming like they were superseding or swarming. I pulled the old queen out and a few frames of eggs/brood and made a new hive; I left this hive to fend for themselves. The cell at the bottom of the frame was open last week with a larva in it and the cell at the top of the frame I think was only a cup but I can't recall totally. Anyway, seems I'll have a new queen shortly from the bottom cell.

Bottom of the frame:

Top of the frame:

Frame tilted with larva:

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The cell at the top is not just a cup anymore. It is a queen cell that will soon be capped. A cup is just the very base (top) of the cell, a cup, without being drawn out (down) any. Yes, you'll have a queen in there soon.
Superceeding yes, swarming, no. That hive is not strong enough in numbers to swarm yet.
Tell me. Why did you split the hive in the first place? Looks like a new colony this spring.
Basically, because I didn't know what I was doing. LOL This colony seemed to be building up quick and had built out the second deep and I saw the cells when they were queen cups and since a few were at the bottom of the frames, I thought they might swarm.

I have no mentor close by, so It's pretty much "on the job training" for me.

I'll bet things work out regardless in both hives. Possibly averted a swarm, but maybe superseding.
You have all the mentors you need here and just a simple click away.
BTW, when 70 - 80% of your frames in your hive look like this, it's time to split or add room.
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Good luck.
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