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Solar charger recommendation for a 10'x12' bee yard

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I know there are a lot of posts about this, but I'm unsure about how strong of a solar charger I need. I have a 10x12 foot area with three hives.
Assistant at Tractor Supply recommended this charger:;-5-mile-solar-fence-charger
Will this be adequate for deterring bears?
Thanks for any help!
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This fencer is rated for "small and exotic livestock, as well as pets" not bears.

Spend the extra money and get something like the Solar Parmak 12. You won't be sorry.
My first suggestion would be to see if there is any practical way to use an AC powered charger at that location, then get a higher powered AC charger.

If not, and you must have a solar powered charger then I would choose a more powerful unit to deal with bears. For $30 more I think something like this will be a better choice:

Also, no matter what charger you select, improve the shock available by having a GOOD ground system installed. Running alternating ground and hot wires on the fence is one way to improve the ground system. (If you do that and use T-posts, connect the non-hot wires directly to the T-posts (without the plastic clips.)
Ignore the rated number of miles on a charger -- it means nothing.
Typically comparing an AC plug in charger and a solar one from the same company rated for the same distance the output on the solar charger will be far lower then the plug in one.

Mile ratings are marketing hype, nothing more.

Zareba's Ac "5 mile" charger puts out only 0.07 joules, and the solar one even less (so low they don't tell you it's rating in joules)

The Parmark 12 output is 3 joules, and it has a good reputation for use with bear fencing.

Going cheap will be very expensive when a bear gets into your hives anyway because your fence charger is too wimpy.
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