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Soft candy in 3hole queen cage

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Got 10 queens in the other day. Took the queen cages and removed the cork exposing the candy.

Noticed it was a lot softer than I usually have in the past but didn't think anything about it.

Fast forward about 18 he's later. 3 pm temp around 75-79 degrees andand hear the hives . Go and check the first one to be greeted by a big Italian with a green dot. Not what I was expecting. Pull the cage to find the candy melted and several workers dead in candy.

Immediately go in panic mode and find the same in all.

Get introduction cages in and capture what are left of the queens. Most were being balled and have 2 confirmed casualties. One more is looking poor as well.

Couldn't place attendants with queens because I couldn't find any.

Left a message with the company, and will follow up on Tuesday.

Has anyone else had this problem with the candy melting?

Pray that a few more make it.
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Had some earlier that was so hard they didn't eat through it. Apparently it's not down to a science. A good reason to position the cage just so to prevent the goo from dripping on the queen in such a case.
I agree I always try to place the cage level or with the candy end slightly down. I've also got to where I almost never pull the cork on the candy end right away. I will come back two or three days later and see how the bees are reacting to the queens. If everything seems ok I will pull the cork on the candy end and let the bees eat the candy then. So yes, I have had that problem with the bees getting through the candy too fast. That's why I don't let the bees at the candy right away.
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