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So how many supers do YOU have on your hives?

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Went out and checked the bees today, mostly to add some protein to my new package and check on the feed. Ha, they don't need much (I did put the protein on) -- five or six frames drawn and four of brood, tons of bees, and plenty of syrup stored. Also a nice crop of drones built between the feeder and the top bars, so I scraped that off and put an inner cover on. Feeder comes off soon at this rate.

Checked the overwintered hive and got a nice surprise. They stovepiped this spring, three frames of brood in all six boxes, including my fresh supers :(, so I was planning to move the brood into one box and empties into one on top. No need, they have filled two shallow supers and a medium with honey and are starting to cap it all off, except for two frames of brood left in the medium. All this in a week, believe it or not!

I put on another shallow box with two drawn frames (all I have left) and the rest foundation. When I pulled the outer cover the inner cover and top were completely covered with bees, I assume drying honey! Wonder if they will have #4 full in a week?

So it appears I will get more honey off one hive this spring than off three last year, and if the flow holds another week, at least one more full shallow on top of that.

This whole beekeeping thing may work someday....

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That is nice. It is still in the high 20's to mid 30's at night here in Idaho. It is suppose to warm up to the high 70's to low 80's this next week but I don't know. Anything can happen in Idaho with the weather. Like they say here, if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes it will change. Send some of that flow our way.
Most of ours are still in a single deep, they stay warmer that way. What is blooming there now that they have a surplus?

Crazy Roland
Basswood should be just starting, black locust is going full strength, and the tulip poplars are budding out. dandelions are just about finished at my place, but still in evidence at my brothers, and white dutch clover is starting to bloom in the yards. I'm guessing this is mostly black locust, although the nearest trees I know about are half a mile away. Wisteria is done, they like that too. Catalpas are budding, so I figure another two weeks at most for the mail flow. Blackberries soon, but the bees pretty much ignored the raspberries this year, I think they found something else.

I shouldn't be surprised at this hive, I caught the swarm they grew out of a couple years ago and they drew and filled four frames of foundation in two days. Sure is nice to have a decent crop though.

Only problem I have now is that I'm going to need a step ladder to get any more boxes on there! I suspect I'll be extracting very soon.

I'm jealous Peter! Wish I had the same problem you have!!! Post a pic of that hive!
Well, last year the hive produced a grand total of nine shallow frames of honey, so I guess I'm getting two year's honey at once.

I'll take a pic tomorrow -- it's a pretty impressive stack, up to seven boxes now.

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