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Snow Removal

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Seemed like a good week to bring this up. After spending the last three days shoveling out I finally made it over to the hives and nucs that I keep here at home. All of the hives have top entrances except the styrofoam nucs. One of the hives had a few bees dead in the fresh snow with one or two buzzing around. The temps have been in the single digits at night with highs in the upper 20's. I cleared the snow away from the entrances and was about to remove the pile of white stuff from the lid when I started to wonder what insulation benefits there might be in leaving it there. Will there be any additional condensation build-up? I have dry sugar on the top of these colonies. I know that moisture is a killer but will the additional moisture promote better access to the sugar?
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I would just make sure the bees have a open door. leave the rest of snow alone.
I like to make sure that there's ventilation. With screened bottom boards, that's usually not a problem but if the snow packs up high enough to block all the way around the stands, then I sweep the front entrance off to open things up a bit.
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