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Hi to all members of the msg board, I want to introduce you here a new device which is constantly increasing needs and without which the modern beekeeping can not imagine. It's beekeeping SMS Scales.

What is SMS Scales?
SMS Scales is a specialized electronic device for measuring weight, especially in beekeeping. With its functions SMS Scales represents the best device that allows a beekeeper to, at any time, read honey yield through manual display or text messages.
SMS messages, other than weighing, can convey other data, such as getting warnings about apiaries security, and all this from the comfort of your home. Currently, our SMS Scales is the second generation of scales with some new additional features (twice tare, notification on the battery status, credit checking...), therefore our SMS Scales Team works on constantly designing new features and listening to the needs of beekeepers. Our SMS Scales constructors are always open for suggestions and proposals of its users.
The basic function of every SMS/GPRS scales is the weighing of honey. Apart from the information "on the field" a beekeeper also has other benefits. The first one is that beekeepers whose bees are hundreds of kilometers away from their home can save a significant amount on their travel expenses. Using SMS/GPRS bee scales they can check the weight of the collected honey from the comfort of their home with a free call. The second, and possibly the more important, advantage of using SMS/GPRS scales is that the beekeeper, based on the information gathered, can generate a clear picture of the state of forage on that location and possibly move the bees if the results are unsatisfying. Keep in mind that for a beekeeper the honey collecting season is a resource which cannot be made up for.

The concept and manufacturing of the SMS Scales is nothing new. Plenty of experience gathered by working with electronic devices based on similar technology gave us the necessary knowledge and skills to manufacture a product such as this. Through talking with beekeepers we learned about their needs and the ideas we thought were good were also implemented in the best quality SMS/GPRS scales on market, according to many relevant experts.
The thing that sets our scales apart is the quality make (for which we issue a warranty), the simplicity of usage (setting the scales with a single SMS message), great autonomy (up to 6 months) and a low price. Apart from that, we can make each scales according to the size and demands of the buyer, and in case of a malfunction we send spare parts to your home address within 24 hours. Technical support regarding software and settings is available every day, weekends included.

SMS Scales was developed by a team of experts with the aid of ''Optical'' from Krusevac, Serbia which has been dealing with modern informative technologies and has passed on market several of their own products such as various controllers based on GSM technology, GPS pin-pointers, Console Manager, etc.
SMS Scales Team are not amateurs but professionals in the areas of hardware, embedded and application programming , web design, wired and wireless computer connection. As such, we guarantee quality and a competitive product on the market.

Each SMS Scales is constructed of parts that make up the primary (basic) version, without which the SMS Scales will not work (at least according to beekeepers needs).

The main parts of the scales are:

- The construction, consists of 2 metal bars H-shaped, with a measurement cell in the middle. The lower bar contains holders for a box with electronics and a battery, and on the lower side fuses are screwed for leveling the scale. At the ends of the construction, metal seals are placed to prevent moisture from getting inside.
- Waterproof box with electronics, contains the "brain" of SMS Scales, electronics with software and module for SIM card. Electronics are connected to measuring cell with a cable.
- Load cell, located in the central part of the SMS Scales in order to have accurate measuring. Depending on the wishes of the customer it can measure up to 120, 240 or up to 360kg of cargo.

Without these parts SMS Scales would not be able to function. There are also accessories that can be purchased if required, making SMS Scales easier for use. Accessories are:

- The pan, made of thin tin with a small door at the back which enables easier access to electronics and the battery. On the lower side of the pan there are specially designed sockets which fit the construction of the scale and the rubber in the socket that prevents it from sliding. The pan also has a protective role shielding the other parts from precipitation and dust.
- The hand display, used for reading honey yield on the spot with a cable connected to the SMS Scales.
- Gel battery, are small in size so they can fit into the structure of SMS Scales between the grid. During normal use, and warmer ambient temperatures it can last about 25 days on a single charge. These batteries are selling as a service, but they can also be purchased with any other batteries sellers.
- Chargers for gel batteries.

Picture 1: SMS Scales for beekeeping​

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Preparations for commissioning

Commissioning is necessary to have a screwdriver that unbolt the waterproof box and provide access to electronics. There are two plates of which the upper and carefully unscrewed from its bottom side of the bay to the SIM card.
Please note that if a new SIM card must be activated at the direction of the mobile operator. If the card is activated, it is necessary to first insert the mobile phone and record your number of named user. SMS Scales will only respond to it, and the first user can later add a text message to another user. If a pečlaru this is not clear, it can only activate the card and insert it into a text Libra, and then call the SMS Scales team that will add him and other users.
Insert the SIM card and close the hatch. Now you can connect the power supply. On the electronics switches lights blinking indicates that the SMS Scales is on the network. Now you can screw box.

Regime and mode

SMS Scales can reply message only to User numbers, or all numbers. These are its regime (private and public). We recommend first mode for data protection and therefore it can not be spent for a loan with a SIM card or a dead battery constant reference.
There are two modes of operation, namely that beehive SMS Scales always be available and that measurement is possible whenever it wishes beekeeper, or SMS Scales sends one message of the day, which contains more measurements for the day. Beekeeper by SMS determines in which mode the SMS Scales work. In the second mode battery life is much longer. The beekeeper can one text message at a specific time during the day to repay the balance of the Mode 2 in Mode 1


Prior to the start of measurement beekeeper can put all the weight on the scale (the hive with extensions) and then tared scales, ie subtracting the weight of other cargo, and only to measure the yield of honey. Tare is done once a text message.
The beekeeper can SMS task some parameters in order to know where the balance of the work (in case you have multiple scales). This is done by sending the message LOCATION (specify the name of the location where the apiary is located), the SOCIETY (specify the name of the beehive if you have more apiary at the same location) and ID (give the number of the beehive if one apiary to have more balance).
Now you are ready to measure your weight yield of honey. This can be done with one free phone call. Are calling card number that is in beekeeping SMS Scales, calling you to be denied and after a few moments you a text message arrives with data:

Picture 2: Example of SMS Scales message​

ID, SOCIETY and the LOCATION you have set,
NET - weight yield of honey showing a possible deviation
TARA - weight packaging
GSM signal - signal the coverage of mobile operator
Sis. Temp - temperature electronics SMS Libra showing the temperature range in which it can work
Battery status - on a scale 1-5 shows how battery is full

Adding cargo

What distinguishes our SMS Scales on the market is that we first add the possibility of adding to the beekeeper of semi continue to measure only the amount of honey, but not the weight of the new packaging. This is accomplished by first sending a message TARA1, then set the empty polunastavak, and then send the message TARA2. It is important that the new extension set at least 5 minutes after sending the message TARA1, otherwise the scale will continue to measure the old weight.

The alarm function

The alarm function involves sending a text message in the event that someone enters the apiary, hive moves or the vehicle in which they are housed hive. This is achieved by setting the alarm detector or microswitches to certain places that are protected. In the event of unauthorized entry or some other illegal act beekeeper receives a text message with content: Compromised safety!

Thats all for now, if you have some questions you can ask it here.
You can also visit our site on English of SMS Scales. There is Serbian version also at

If You like social networks please add as at:

SMS Scales Facebook
SMS Scales Twitter
SMS Scales Youtube
SMS Scales Google+

We will add more material on English.
Pozdrav za sve pčelare od SMS Vage iz Kruševca!
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